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Finding Inspiration in every sports activity

Between the impulse for sports activity in a young age and the endurance or powerful sports abilities as a well-trained individual a large path lies

We do investigate into this rift and try to help either young people get over it, or middle aged individuals become well-trained

All the activities and experiences in sports activities, we use as insight for coaching and consulting in this area 

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Developed brands

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Skreech Rider

Downhill Biking has lead to reporting on events, sports developments and locations discovery

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Content, activity and arts in scial media surrounding all  Snow Sports

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Not too bad, not terrible


A controverse brand for the russian, rebellious young-mindend

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Squanchy weird merchandising


All brands united for merch

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Free Heel Society

In love of Telemark Skiing 

Providing information for techniques and teaching 

Tele Ho!

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