- Lic. Oec. HSG (equivalent to a Master of Arts in Business Administration)
- More than 9 years big four assurance experience serving all industries and financial sectors
- More than 10 years experience in Accountancy and Finance for energy, finance and industry companies
- Internal controls and treasury, credit analysis and financial analysis experience
- Former ACCA (5+ years) - no current valid membership
- Former CFA Switzerland Society volunteer (+3 years)
- CFA program affiliate (Level I completed)
- CAIA program affiliate (Level I completed)


To the Future

Image by cadop from Pixabay 


By transitioning from business to science there is a lot of knowledge I will apply to my business partners, without hesitation or internal reservation. My scientific attitude forbids not to share best practices or apply the best solutions.
To put it shortly by getting rid of what is in my system for making room for more scientific concepts.
That is the idea