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GDF Sports Logo Regular_edited.png
GDF Sports Logo Regular_edited_edited.png

GDF Sports

Sports & Recreation

Enabling Sports Performance since 1979 

  • Snow​ (Snowboard, Ski & Telemark)

  • Surf & Board

  • Run, Swim, Bike (Triathlon)

  • Endurance

  • Sports brand development

  • Social media for sports

  • Enabling positive sports performances


+41 (0) 78 325 52 38

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Ænthropy Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Comprehensive Business Consulting

  • Following our comprehensive, empathetic strategic management consulting model

  • Transfer of best practices from all area's of business activities


Helping you master the postmodern, science driven transformation of business & economic processees

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Ruther1o4d Science_edited_edited_edited.png

Rutherford Science Advisors

Scientific Advisory

Transfer of scientific research to solution applications

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Arygo Lingua

Language education

Comprehensive, empathetic language education

  • Comprehensive language teaching model

  • Specialized for polyglott language learning

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GODA Recruiting

We help and coach in all processes concerning employer-employee relationships

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Political Advisory for political parties

Understanding social, socio-economic developments and their impact on political streams

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Recruiting & Coaching

Political Advisory

7F Creative Arts - General (1)_edited.png
7F Creative Arts - General (1)_edited.png

7F Creative Arts

One roof for fine arts

Providing support for creative processes

  • Painting (Oil, acryl, graffitti etc.)

  • Film & Fotography

  • Formations

  • Faces & Fashion

  • Music
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7F Creative Arts - Film & Foto_edited_edited_edited.png

7F Film & Foto

Part of creative arts

​Film and fotography creation

  • Film & Fotography

  • Features and Frontrunning

  • Formation

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DEGO Industrial Designs

Design & Project Management

Industrial Designs and Projects for advancing your business

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Filbry Real Estate Intl.

International real estate advisory

Consulting, mediation and transaction advisory for real estate internationally (ex-Germany)

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Family Office investments

Entrepreneurially driven investment vehicle

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Investment Managers

Tailored Investment Management Solutions for PADENAGO Family Office Investments

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