Language Learning
the best way

I am Polyglot. Next to my German-English Youth, I learned French and Italian as an adult. Further, I am interested since earliest times into dialects (Plattdeutsch, Scottish German etc.) and their use for learning languages. 

During my learning endeavors, I realized that certain methods work better than others. These learnt insights I want to share  

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My Story

Between learning a language as a child and as an adult are fundamental differences. Children learn a language by wanting to use the grammar and vocabulary they learnt by heart. For an adult it is not that easy. Their learning style is typically governed by idiomatic use (hence the problem to think to have mastered the language as there are still situation in which we do not know what phrases to use:


Hence two directions enhance the learning experience:

- remodeling the plasticity of the brain activity to younger conditions

- learning in an idiomatic way

This is our approach. To learn by grammar and vocabulary alone we need to refresh our brain functions. To learn idiomatically we need to provide the right conditions to learn: we can do this by total immersion


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